Ark Remote Error "Could Not Connect To Server"

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Ark Remote Error "Could Not Connect To Server"

Post by Trielice on Fri Apr 22, 2016 6:24 pm

"Could not connect to server. Please check your details in the profile section (Click the profile icon in the top bar) and that ARK remote is running on the server." Already checked all the details more still can not connect WHAT should I do?

Steps to ensure that your properly connecting to your ark remote.

1) Stop your Server
2)Click Ark Remote to open the Remote Window
3)Copy the information from the black Remote window to your Ark Server Launcher profile.
4)Ensure you do not have any spaces before or after the IP, Port or Password.
5)Ensure your using the password from the black window and Not your control panel password.
6)If you get any other error then the one above, You most likely have a Ark Remote issue
*The Remote can corrupt for many issues. But follow my youtube video for directions on how to reinstall it properly*
7) Ensure your on the "SERVER" area of the launcher and Not "AKON"

If your still having issues please feel free to add me to steam or skype for more help. for my social media links

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